Complete the Look {Elegant Bride}

Hello Again!
I’m so excited to share this collaboration with you.  I am working with to bring you some of my favorite bridal looks.  For my first look I chose this amazing Ines Gown.  You can shop this style and many others HERE. Something about it makes me think of an elegant spring wedding.  Maybe I’m just a bit hopeful that this wonderful winter weather we are currently having will pass soon.  None the less, here is my take on how I would complete this look.
This gown immediately caught my eye.  The high neck line is classic yet trendy, the cut is simple yet very flattering, and the lace-like fabric screams elegance.  Since the fabric has such amazing detail I decided to choose a subtle look for the makeup.  This allows the gown to really be the focal point.  A complicated or heavy makeup look would feel too busy.
 Soft and glowing skin, light and soft eye shadow, delicate and wispy lashes, and a light pink lip.  Here are some of my favorite products to achieve this look.Elegant Bride
I hope you enjoyed this post and are ready for more like it!
Thanks for stopping by.

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