September Sale at RE

Hello from the road!

We are headed to Colorado for a quick family get away. I wanted to pop in and share a few pictures of the sale this past week.

To be honest I am very embarrassed… I forgot my camera! So today I am sharing pictures from my iPhone. Not to mention, I was so absorbed by my sale numbers and my booth that I didn’t even get around to take pictures of the rest of the store. I’m so mad at myself because the beauty of Restoration Emporium is something that everyone needs to see. The women that I get to work with are absolutely aw-inspiring. They are so talented. I could walk around for days and stand in aw of their work. I love breathing in the gorgeous raw beauty that they create.

Next month I want my booth to look completely different. I want it to resemble the things I love. This last month I was just so focused on getting it done and surviving my first sale. After looking around I realized my booth was lacking something. I didn’t take the time to stage my booth and make it warm and inviting. Here is what I did come up with:






So.. It just looks like stacks of furniture… Not so warm and inviting. The best part is: I get to do it all over again next month. This time I will take pictures of everyone’s booth so you can get the full experience of Restoration Emporium.

Thanks for stopping by!



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