The Beginning of Making Beautiful

Sometimes life seems overwhelming.  Sometimes there is too much going on,  Sometimes we don’t know if we are coming or going.  Sometimes we have to sit back and really take a look at our lives and decide what it is we want to accomplish.

Thats exactly what I did.  I go and go all day long.  Sometimes I feel like I have too many ideas, too many goals, too much going on.  My name is Traci.  I am a mom, wife, hairstylist, makeup artist, hobby photographer, and a DIY-furniture designer/repurposer.  In any given week I work two days at the salon, paint on my days off, and on weekends I am either doing hair and makeup for a wedding or photography.

Somedays I am tired and overwhelmed.  But no matter what, I love what I do.  At the end of the day I crawl into bed and feel good about what I have done.  One day I realized that all of these things that I do have a common goal. 

I Love Making Things Beautiful!

Whether it’s:

Making Beautiful Curls for a bride’s big day,  Making Beautiful Photos,  Making Beautiful Memories with my kids and family,  Making Beautiful and unique pieces of furniture,  or Making a Beautiful client feel her very best.

I have all of these hobbies & business ventures that in some way- Make Beautiful.

So here is to a new blog, and a new business, and a new common goal.  Follow along as I keep a joural of all of the different ways I  am Making Beautiful.  I hope you enjoy!



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